The Highlights

High-sensitivity DSC and microcalorimetry (-45 to 120°C)

- Wide operating temperature range (from -45 °C to 120 °C):   cooling of the calorimeter does not require an external source.
- Use in isothermal or temperature programming (DSC) mode.
- Possibility to study samples in all forms: liquids, gel, powder, solid.
- Variety of closed and removable experimental cells.
- DSC measurements under very high pressure (up to 1000   bars):with the use of specifi c high pressure gas panel and cells.
Temperature range -45°C to 120°C (Cooling under 0°C requires the use of an auxiliary thermostat)
Programmable temperature scanning rate (heating and cooling) 0.001 to 2 C.min-1
RMS Noise 0.4 µW
Resolution 0.02 µW / 0.002 µW
Cells 1 ml, made of Hastelloy C – Removable Batch, mixing batch, ampoule and high pressure
Pressure (measured & controlled) 400 bar / 5800 psi or 1000 bar / 14 600 psi requires the use of high pressure cells and gas panel
Weight 37.4 kg (82.5 lbs)
Dimensions 40 / 53 / 58 cm (15.7 / 20.9 / 22.8 in)
Power requirements 230 V / 50/60 Hz

With its wide temperature range (-45 to 120°C), its various cells and its unique capabilities of measuring under high pressure (up to 1000 bars / 14 600 psi), the μDSC7 evo can meet a wide range of applications, especially when dealing with:

Life Sciences – Pharmaceuticals: protein denaturation / aggregation in liquid, powder or gel form, solid state investigation (polymorphism, amorphism),

Food: protein denaturation / aggregation, fusion / gelifi cation of polysaccharides, gelatine, foam formation under gas pressure,

Polymers: pressure infl uence on glass transition,

Gas Hydrates: thermodynamic properties of formation / dissociation, stability, kinetics data,

Petroleum: Gas hydrates formation / dissociation, stability, kinetics data, WAT (Wax Appearance Temperature),

Environmental: CO2 sequestration (gas hydrates).
Closed Batch Cell   Batch Mixing Cell   Ampoule Cell
Calibration Cell   High Pressure Cell