We can help you understand your challenges better with a range of systems designed to obtain rates of both temperature and pressure rises during decomposition as well as to measure kinetics and determine long term stability of materials or formulations.

The Process Safety Laboratory

Screening the first and most simple step requires an assessment of each raw material, intermediate or final product to determine its thermal stability within plant conditions. This will determine if further investigation is required, and is performed using a DSC.

Desired Conditions are studied using isothermal and reaction calorimetry to determine the heat and pressure rise associated with a process. From this data calculations such as potential adiabatic temperature rise, required cooling duty and the potential energy build up with scenarios such as miss-feeds can be determined.

Worst Case Scenarios, once determined need to be accurately assessed for full potential impact. Time to maximum rate, runaway time and pressure evolution are all determined by Accelerated Rate Calorimetry.

SADT, Time to Maximum Rate and the full package of thermal hazards data can be precisely determined using powerful kinetics software. With a well designed experimental series and advanced kinetics you significantly reduce the number of analysis required, reducing countless time and resources performing complex experimentation.

Some International References
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